AGI Working Paper: “Introducing Severance Payment Systems in Japan ——A Proposal for Vacancy Decontrol——”

AGIのワーキングペーパーとして、“Introducing Severance Payment Systems in Japan —A Proposal for Vacancy Decontrol—” を公開しました。


In Japan, the court requires job restoration rather than a severance payment from a firm after it decides that a dismissal has been abusive. This results in a high settlement cost for termination. 

This paper makes two proposals for introducing severance payments to reduce settlement costs in Japan. The first applies to existing contracts and proposes to specify levels of severance payments that would replace the current job restoration requirement after the court determines that a case is abusive. 

The second applies to new employees either for a recently vacated position or a new position and proposes vacancy decontrol, which allows firms to set the levels of severance payments freely while also honoring the existing contracts. Within this category, this paper proposes government-assisted vacancy decontrol, a transitional measure, where the government sets a minimum level of statutory severance payment, which is equal to six months of wages for a worker who has worked for 20 years, following the Taiwan precedent. After the need for the transitional measure is dissolved, complete vacancy decontrol should be introduced, abolishing the statutory severance payment. We have proposed that even at this stage, the government should publicly set a default level of the severance payment, which a firm should observe unless an explicit agreement or contract stipulates otherwise. The government should immediately introduce some form of vacancy decontrol for senior workers who have already retired from a regular job.



2018年4月2日号のガスエネルギー新聞に、インタビュー記事「【ガス小売り全面自由化から1年】ガス競争基盤に課題、LNG基地の開放が重要/電力・ガス取引監視等委員会 八田達夫委員長に聞く」が掲載されました。



論文集『Economic Challenges Facing Japan’s Regional Areas』についての出版発表会を開催しました

先日出版された論文集 Economic Challenges Facing Japan’s Regional Areas (Tatsuo Hatta ed., Palgrave Macmillan) について、メディア向けの出版発表会を行いました。執筆者のうち、佐藤主光教授(一橋大)・中川雅之教授(日本大)の両名も、発表者として参加してくださりました。


Economic Challenges Facing Japan’s Regional Areas


「Structural Reform of Abenomics」在日米国商工会議所



Structural Reform of Abenomics


“Economic Challenges Facing Japan’s Regional Areas”, Palgrave Macmillan

Palgrave Macmillanより、論文集 Economic Challenges Facing Japan’s Regional Areas (Tatsuo Hatta Ed.) が発売されました(現在は電子版のみ。ハードカバー版は2月25日発売)。



About this book

This book analyzes issues related to economic challenges for Japan’s regional revitalization. Japan’s responses to such challenges and to the problem of an aging population are of deep interest to the nations outside of Japan. This book brings together 19 articles contributed by Japan’s leading scholars, originally prepared for an online policy information portal, SPACE NIRA launched by the Nippon Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA) with Dr. Tatsuo Hatta, President of the Asian Growth Research Institute, as its General Editor. This book is a significant and useful reference for all scholars, students, and individuals with an interest in current policy issues in Japan.



RIETI(経済産業研究所)の Policy Discussion Paper として、「欧州TSOによる調整電力市場と送電権市場の運用状況調査:日本における電力改革への示唆」(池田真介氏との共著)を発表しました。


なお、この Policy Discussion Paper は、RIETIの研究プロジェクト「電力システム改革における市場と政策の研究」の成果の一部です。